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Varnishes & Coatings

Press: Varnishes & Coatings
For your High Gloss job with a skid resistant coating we recommend Saphira AC-4001 aqueous coating. This coating is only used for one side jobs, because the high gloss polymer system may resoften during a second pass.

Work-and-Turn /WAT glossy jobs with exceptional fast drying use our Saphira AC-4002A aqueous coating.  When fast drying and excellent rub resistance is requested we recommend commercial and packaging printers Saphira AC-4004A aqueous coating. Both outstanding coatings could be glued, foil stamped and even used as a UV primer.

Your demand for a Satin job with exceptionally smooth lay for a low gloss coating our Saphira AC-4003A aqueous coating is formulated without "flatting" additives used in typical matte coatings to avoid streaking, spots and other defects seen in low gloss coatings.

Premium Matte coatings are a challenge for most printers, because any defects show much more than with high gloss products. Saphira AC-4005 aqueous coating is a truly unique product to satisfy your most demanding customers and for all "hard to coat" jobs. Even over heavy black solids you can achieve very smooth, medium gloss coverage with no streaks.

Try on your five printing unit press Matt/coating effects with Drip off. Try our Saphira Drip Off system with the following components Saphira Drip Off Gloss varnish and Saphira Drip Off High Gloss dispersion coating. In the last inking press unit the Saphira Drip Off Gloss varnish is applied to selected matt surfaces of the printing form. At last full-area dispersion coatings on the coating unit with Saphira Drip Off High Gloss. This dispersion coating is diffused into fine particles in all areas on the press sheet that have already been coated with the gloss varnish. Thus, visual glossy areas are only appear in the non matt areas and the desired matt/gloss effect is achieved. As an addition benefit the fine gloss particles provide a rub resistant coating to the matt surface.

Enjoy the impressive results of our varnish and coatings for you print jobs.

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